Top Projects

Below we provide an insight into selected national and international projects. These not only show our range of services, but also provide an impression of the extent to which we contribute our various specialist areas to project tasks.

Flood protection Fischbach

Groundwatermodel Bregenzerwald

Groundwater modelling Bregenzerwald, Schwarzenberg Stiegeln - Schnepfau


Seekirchnertunnel: double tube – single track railway tunnel with a length of 14.37 km, about 13.33 km driven by TBM and NATM.


TGL - Tauern Gas Pipeline

The Tauern Gas Pipeline (TGL) project enables the continuous transport of natural gas from Upper Austria with its numerous natural gas storage ...

AVL - L191 Citytunnel Feldkirch - AUSTRIA

In the course of traffic planning and management, the provincial government of Vorarlberg plans a subsurface by-pass in Feldkirch (Austria). It ...

Koralm Tunnel - CL KAT 2

The Koralm Tunnel, located between the two Austrian federal capitals of Graz and Klagenfurt, is the core of the Pontebbana axis.

Pump - Storage Hydropower Plant Koralm

The pump - storage hydropower project takes advantage of the morphologically and geologically favorable conditions of the Koralpe for the ...

Semmering Basetunnel CL 2.1

Construction Lot 2.1 – Tunnel Fröschnitzgraben of Semmering Base Tunnel is the middle and with approx. 13 km length the longest ...

Tunnel Bühel

Construction of a two-lane road including open-cut excavation at Bühel tunnel, portals, watercourse protection facilities, operating ...

Obervermung Power Plant

Obervermuntwerk II will be the second largest power plant of the „Vorarlberger Illwerke AG“. OVW II covers the construction of a ...

Rebuild of Train Station Rankweil

The reconstruction of Rankweil train station is taking place under maintaining the entire public transport system.

Safety of Hydropower Plants

Capacity building in monitoring safety of hydropower plants

Semmering Basetunnel CL 3.1

Semmering Base Tunnel, Construction Lot SBT3.1 – Tunnel Grautschenhof,

2 single track tunnels, auxiliary structures such as cross ...

Karawankentunnel - Restoration

Investigation and evaluation of the condition from a rehabilitation needed railway tunnel

Anchor Wall Egger - Highway A10

The anchor wall Egger is located in the Fritzbach valley, between the villages of Pöham and Hüttau, from km 50.60 to km 50.90 of the ...

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